How to View Keyframe Animation Coordinates in C4D

December 07,2023 03:58 PM

There are many details to consider when creating keyframe animations in C4D, including keyframe animation coordinates. In Cinema 4D (C4D), viewing the coordinates of keyframe animations is straightforward and allows you to see the position and more. You can check and edit an object's keyframe animation coordinates using the following steps:

1. Open Your Project:
Open a C4D project that contains keyframe animations.

2. Navigate to Keyframes in the Timeline:
Locate the keyframe you want to view or edit on the timeline at the bottom of the interface. Typically, these keyframes are represented by yellow dots. Use the mouse scroll wheel or drag the time slider to move the current playhead to the desired keyframe.

3. View and Edit Keyframe Parameters:
Click on the "Motion" tab in the top menu bar (shortcut: F9). This will open a new panel displaying all the animatable properties and their values for the selected object. If you want to view keyframe information for an object's position, rotation, or scale, find the corresponding property group, such as "Position," "Rotation," or "Scale," in the "Motion" panel.

4. View Keyframe Values:
Next to each property, you'll see a small chart that contains the values of that property at the selected keyframe. When you hover your mouse over the chart, it will display the specific numerical values for that property at the keyframe.

5. Edit Keyframe Parameters:
To edit the coordinates or other parameters of a keyframe, simply click and drag the small circle in the chart to adjust the corresponding value. Alternatively, you can manually enter the values in the input box next to the property.

6. Preview Changes:
After adjusting the keyframe parameters, you can press the spacebar to preview the animation effect.

7. Set a New Keyframe:
If you need to create a new keyframe for the newly adjusted parameters, simply click the yellow circle button next to that property or use the keyboard shortcut 'S.'

By following these steps, you can easily view and edit keyframe animation coordinates in C4D, allowing you to fine-tune your animations with precision.

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