Does VTube Studio Support 3D Models?

June 06,2024 12:11 PM

As virtual YouTubers (VTubers) gain increasing popularity worldwide, more and more people are paying attention to how to create and use virtual avatars for live streaming and video content creation. VTube Studio is a widely used tool among virtual YouTubers, but many people have a common question: Does VTube Studio support 3D models? This article will provide a detailed answer to this question and introduce some related alternative solutions and usage tips.

  Introduction to VTube Studio

  VTube Studio is software designed specifically for virtual YouTubers, primarily used for tracking users' facial expressions and mapping them in real-time to virtual characters. Renowned for its high-precision facial tracking and user-friendly interface, the software is widely used by virtual YouTubers on platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

  Support for Models in VTube Studio

  Primarily Supports 2D Models

  Currently, VTube Studio primarily supports Live2D models. Live2D is a 2D animation technology that gives flat images a certain degree of three-dimensionality and dynamic expression. Through Live2D, users can create vivid 2D virtual characters and operate them in real-time within VTube Studio.

  Does It Support 3D Models?

  As of now, VTube Studio does not directly support 3D models. Its design intent and main functionality revolve around 2D Live2D models. If you need to use 3D models for virtual live streaming, you may need to consider other software specifically designed to support 3D models.

  Alternative Solutions: Virtual YouTuber Tools Supporting 3D Models

  If you wish to use 3D models for virtual live streaming, you can consider the following tools:

  1. VRoid Studio

  VRoid Studio is a free 3D model creation software where users can easily create and edit 3D characters. Once created, 3D characters can be exported and used in other virtual YouTuber tools that support 3D models.

  2. VUP

  VUP is live streaming software supporting 3D virtual characters and compatible with various 3D model formats. The software offers rich features, including facial expression tracking, body motion capture, and various scene settings, making it ideal for users wanting to live stream with 3D models.

  3. Luppet

  Luppet is a high-precision 3D virtual YouTuber tool supporting hand motion capture devices like Leap Motion. Through Luppet, users can achieve more delicate 3D model manipulation and interaction.

  4. Animaze

  Animaze is an application focused on 3D virtual avatars, supporting various 3D model formats and high-precision facial capture technology, suitable for users utilizing 3D characters in live streaming and video production.

  Choosing the Right Virtual YouTuber Tool

  Choosing the right virtual YouTuber tool depends mainly on the following aspects:

  1. Model Type

  If you prefer using 2D models, VTube Studio is an excellent choice. However, if you prefer 3D models, you'll need to consider other tools supporting 3D models.

  2. Ease of Operation

  Different software varies in terms of interface and functionality complexity. Beginners may prefer user-friendly tools with simple operations, while experienced users may require more feature-rich and professional tools.

  3. Hardware Support

  Some virtual YouTuber tools require specific hardware support, such as cameras or hand motion capture devices. When choosing a tool, consider your hardware conditions.

  Although VTube Studio currently does not support 3D models, it remains an outstanding tool for 2D virtual YouTubers. If you wish to use 3D models for virtual live streaming, you can consider alternative solutions like VRoid Studio, VUP, Luppet, or Animaze. Choosing the right virtual YouTuber tool according to your needs and technical proficiency can make your virtual live streaming more vivid and engaging. If you need high-quality 3D textures, HDRI, or 3D model downloads while creating models and virtual scenes, you can download them directly from Relebook and import them into your models for use.

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